How May Discontent User Harm a Software Product?

Today usability became of fundamental importance for software products, for mobile ones in particular. Those who nowadays are involved in web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing are well familiar with this fact.

If people do not find a mobile software product usable enough it will never succeed in production and become popular among users.

At present, when there is intense rivalry between software producers, people used to have a wide choice of necessary applications. So, if they don’t like something, they just start using other software with similar functions.

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A software testing company emphasizes that dissatisfied users are serious threat for an application distribution. Nowadays, when many ways of sharing information are widely utilized by majority of people, adverse publicity may spread quickly and spoil reputation of the software product.

If a User Does Not Like a Mobile or a Desktop Application He or She Can:

  • delete the software and never use it;
  • leave negative response about the software product in social networks, blogs and other network resources;
  • give the software product poor rating in the software stores.

Any of these actions leads to loosing popularity of the application. That is why usability testing must be an integral part of any mobile testing and of any desktop testing and web site testing too.