How do Mobile Applications Handle Interruptions by Notifications?

A lot of mobile software products appeared with rapid evolvement of mobile devices. Many applications for personal computers have been adjusted for tablets, mobile phones and smartphones.

But a software testing company informs that present-day applications for mobile devices, web applications in particular, are far from been perfect. Mobile application testing shows that software products on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets often crash, freeze up, strangely behave. There are many reasons for that.

Among problems of mobile applications that are often reported in course of testing of mobile programs and mobile web site testing is poor handling of interruptions by notifications.


Software shows various messages and notifications informing user about different events or malfunctions.

There Are Messages:

  • informing about various kinds of errors;
  • informing about loss of a network signals;
  • reminding messages;
  • informing about changes or events in the system;
  • from software products that operate in the background;
  • informing about incoming calls or received text messages.

Experience has proven that many mobile software products may hang, crash or end up their functioning in an unusual way when a message interferes in their work. A software testing company says that it may happen because of lack of resources on the device for simultaneous functioning of several applications. That is why load testing is essential for a mobile software product.