How Can Game Theory be Applied to Testing Strategy Elaboration?

The majority of software testers consider constructing of a testing strategy important for success of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

So, almost each tester works out a testing strategy for every project. But there are many approaches to elaboration and analyzing of the strategies. Game theory is often applied.

Game Theory Distinguishes 2 Types of Strategies:

  • Strategies of singular type. According to a strategy of this type all the efforts concentrate on only one aspect of the software product.
  • Strategies of mixed type. Such strategy assumes working in various directions, using of different approaches in order to achieve the goals.


Each strategy type is useful for some purposes. Strategy of an entire testing process may comprise the both types.

The mixed type is utilized in testing tours, combination of different activities, in various kinds of  load testing.

The singular type is useful for testing works focused on one user type, or one aspect of the software, for instance, security testing, accessibility testing or installation testing.

A software testing company finds utilizing of game theory effective and convenient. It relies on mathematical models and helps to make the right decisions. Of course other approaches to building of testing strategies can also be applied.