With the Help of Software Testing Problems Can be Evaded

Quality Assurance and Testing: Problems that Can Be Evaded

What is the main quality of a person who works at the software testing company? Every professional who works at the software testing company should be first of all responsible. Think about the protection of the brand of the company, online profit and customer experiences. Just experts in this field can find and solve problems that can impact web end-users.

But why do many software companies just ignore testing?

According to one of the latest researches, around 57 percent of application performance issues are usually found by users and 67 percent of applications are usually used without outsourcing software testing to ensure that they can scale to support desired traffic levels. It just proves one more time the necessity of mobile application testing and web site testing. Why not to supply the market with software equipment of high quality?

But what to do to ensure a high performance of website or application for customers and end-users? To load test from the “outside-in” is the only key to it. It will help you to find and solve all those problems inside and outside the firewall.

Expectations from Web Performance

It is possible to tell with certainty that non-effective websites and applications can easily impact the bottom line. For instance, American multinational electronic commerce company Amazon loses one percent of their revenue for every 100 millisecond delay in web page performing. It is possible to tell without doubts that it is an evidential amount of business.

But why do the expectations from Web sites become higher with every day?

It is very easy to explain. The reason is that web end-users become more impatient and they are not going to slow page downloads even when the traffic is low. And more interesting is that they know that the site can be overloaded. Maybe there is some other reason?

One of the latest researches has shown that 67 percent of users expect sites to work in spite of how many customers can use a site at the same time. As a matter of fact, 78 percent of respondents added that they will switch to a competitors site if they will have constant errors and problems with the page downloads. Don’t you find such percent rather high? Maybe such numbers will tell you about something?