The Differences Between User Interface Testing and Usability Testing

The specialists execute software testing with the purpose of checking this or that system component for operating bugs. In view of this, there are different types of software product testing.

On the one hand, this significantly enhances the quality level of checking and promotes the product release of high quality. But on the other hand, the various testing types have their execution peculiarities; and it is important for the specialist to know the specifics of each type, either functional testing or regression testing.

One more tester’s difficulty is the presence of such testing types which scenario executions are sort of similar. For example, integration testing and unit testing, black box testing, and white box testing. It is easy to get confused, is not it?

Also, user interface testing and usability testing have much in common. The fulfillment of the last one is focused on the end-user and on the high quality of the product.

So, What Is the Difference Between User Interface Testing and Usability Testing?

  • It is well-known the product design should satisfy all client’s requirements. In order to make sure of this, the specialists conduct user interface testing. The fonts, their size, color, and so on are checked. Usability testing gives the answer to the question of whether it is convenient to use the product, whether there are some difficulties while changing the text window or by clicking the buttons.
  • User interface testing defines the emotions of potential product users. Usability testing – the expression of the usage.
  • The product form and its appearance are taken into account during user interface testing. Usability testing is oriented towards the end-user.
  • It is understandable from the name that user interface testing is focused on the product interface checking. The software quality is controlled with the help of usability testing.

The specialists perform user interface testing on different platforms, in order to determine the product interface behavior under different conditions. Product usability is checked with the help of usability testing.