Communication between QA and Management Team

As the new software tester you will most likely attend not very much meetings, permitting you to become more acquainted with the software product than some persons above you.

As an individual contributor, you can have a great influence on the software testing team's exertions.

So in the case if you see that the software testing group is spending too much time in the incorrect areas and is not being an effective, you need to discuss such situation with your management.


It may happen so that you have some good points that management is not using. It may happen so that you have some interesting thoughts on how to improve communication or the whole efficacy of the software testing company. You should share this with your direct management.

This is considerable to constantly improving the company. Management needs to be aware about this feedback.

Troubles time-table is one more point to talk to your direct manager. For example, if you have a task to complete a test pass in one week, do not wait until 6 p.m. of the last day to tell your manager that you cannot make the deadline. Communicate him early.

Just as if you do not understand something, you need to tell about that and ask questions. If you do not, your manager will have a lot of anticipations that you will not be able to meet.

Set yourself up to be successful. You shouldn’t say: “I don't know”, but say: “I don't know yet”. If you do not understand something, ask management about it, specify it, and make sure you do come to an understanding on it.