Features of Performance Testing in the Management of E-Business

In present-day world a growing number of people feel confidence in the Internet business. Today’s consumers wish to get some products or services as quickly as possible with the least cost to themselves. World Wide Web helps them to realize their needs: the consumer can find everything he/she needs without going out of home or office, compare prices, product characteristics, etc.

Demand breeds supply, so aiming to keep pace with the realities of the present time people go online in order to improve the efficiency of their own business. Before one opens the online business he/she needs to have some original idea and ambitiousness. Next the website should be created. The original idea allows drawing traffic to the web site. The more people visit the site, the more successful the business is.

However, don’t forget that any website is a special mechanism that works by its own rules. This mechanism can withstand only a certain load and serve the visitors with limited speed.

The server where the website is located isn’t able to deal with unlimited number of inquiries. If this number exceeds certain limit, new visitors will not be able to enter the site. Every website withstand the load in different ways: one can serve tens of thousands of visitors while another can’t serve even a hundred for the same time.

Before open the site for lots of people one should make sure that this site is able to function properly. To make sure that your site is working right you can perform various types of testing (automated testing, load testing, security testing, etc.). Also you must be sure that the website is able to withstand high traffic over a certain period of time. In such a case performance testing should be performed.

Concurrency from the perspective of a performance testing tool is the number of active users generated by the software. This number is the key measure of how many virtual users are active at a given moment in time. Success of testing depends on how software testing company designs the performance testing transactions. It is important to foresee what the concurrency will be 6 months, 12 months, or even 18 months later.

Daily traffic is usually pretty flat but sometimes it can rise sharply. For example, on the university’s websites the exam results can be published. In these days the load rises.

Factors that Have Influence on the Website Performance Testing

  1. Website speed. If the website works slowly or with errors it may hurt the reputation of the site’s owner and take its toll on the business. Over 50% of visitors don’t wait until the site opens if it takes longer than 10 seconds.
  2. Optimizing the site. The process of optimization can be used in different ways: to improve the site’s “visibility”, to increase sales or website promotion in the search engines. It is important to mention that the site should be optimized in accordance with its direct purposes. It is impossible to optimize everything. If optimization is performed incorrect, the website speed can be reduced.
  3. Website traffic. Even with the bad optimization one can sidestep rivals and promote site to the top positions in search engines. The important role in this process play the number of links to the site, the number of pages on the site, presence of meta-tags, etc.

With the help of performance testing one can understand what factors have the greatest impact on the site’s work and how we can improve its efficiency.