How to Properly Estimate Testing?

Before beginning the direct work on the project, testers and other participants of the developing process should estimate the charges, required to execute this task.

Software testing company generally tries to estimate all prospective charges of the definite project stiffly accurate. The team aware of such important information works consistently, and the application or system will be released successfully.

When estimating, the tester should not forget that no one is immune to the situations of force majeure, which may negate even the most reliable plan. In order to make yourself safe, it is necessary to add some extra time to the general estimate. 

What Are the Recommendations for Test Estimation?

  • The beginners with low testing experience should determine whether security testing or performance testing should be executed at all. The charges of such checking should be taken into account, although they can be estimated separately. 
  • The product under test could be divided into several components for determining a testing type, required for each of them. For example, if one or several parts of the product need functional testing or usability testing, it should be added to the estimation. 
  • To check every system component, the specialist determines the required testing environment, data and documentation. If any of these aspects requires reviewing, the time needed for this should be also added to the estimation.
  • It is important not to forget including the estimation time for localization errors and holding meetings to analyze these mistakes.
  • The tester should realize that there could be no resources for checking, and there should be some extra time to find it. It also influences the end estimation.

 The estimation of work volume of testing is a rather complicated process. But it is the essential part of the daily work of software testing company.