Effective Application Testing

Not only developers themselves but also testers are responsible for the application development quality. Software testing company promotes only top-quality products release and entry.

Nowadays there are many applications of different designs, functionality, and the usage purpose in the market. With this regard, software testing is focused on the different components and functional capabilities of the product. But their quantity can be very large. What should be tested first of all?

5 Key Moments of Testing:

  1. Functionality
  2. Working environment
  3. Device diapason
  4. Input data method
  5. Multimodality (combined data input-output)

Application functionality (performance) – the quality of the practical usage. An application should bring the benefit, otherwise, it is useless. Functional testing shows whether the application meets the requirements of the end users.

The environment (usage context) means the user experience. It is characterized by the range of peculiarities.

What Is Mobil User Experience?

  • The experience includes such user’s peculiarities as ad-hoc and evaluative characteristics, and also preferences.
  • The usage experience depends on the screen size, the user location itself, the coverage quality, and so on.
  • The compass, accelerometer, geolocator, and many others represent the set of additional opportunities.

A good device supports various ways of data input: stylus (the touch-based pencil), tapping, the voice recognition, gestures, and so on.

The data input and output may be visual and audio (sound).  The testers’ task – to assure that both input-output data methods operate in a proper manner. Application multimodality simplifies its usage and increases the effectiveness.

Performing mobile testing or desktop testing, it is important for the specialists to consider the above-mentioned items.