E-commerce: What Should not Be Forgotten?

Nowadays software testing company provides a wide range of software product testing services which also include e-commerce testing.

Frequently, software testing is associated with functionality or features checking of the software, systems, and applications. But many forget about the testing of online-shops, games, or banking applications. Documentation testing or SEO testing remains out of attention.

E-commerce systems checking may seem someone monotonous and even boring. But one cannot escape from this type of testing. Actually, e-commerce testing may become a very good opportunity for a tester to demonstrate his creativity and enthusiasm.

During checking of the unfamiliar commercial platform, a tester may act as an ordinary user and detect bugs that he even did not expect to meet this way. Exploratory testing is very resultative and helps to reveal many errors without the creation of plenty of test cases.

Moreover, the exploratory testing tactics may help the observant tester to discover more severe mistakes than his colleague may detect, fulfilling usability testing.

What Should Be Paid Attention to During E-commerce Testing?

  • Mostly positive user experience
  • Continuous resources control
  • Product and refund return policies
  • An ability to execute as online purchases, as to buy the product directly in the shop
  • The product compatibility with the different browsers and systems

The user experience is not only his reaction to the print or buttons’ design of the product. It also includes the checking of no-win or confusing situations. It is obvious that such troubles should be immediately removed.

During the e-commerce product checking, it is of great importance to focus on what the user will see, use, and what will affect him.