EarlGrey - a Tool for Automated Checking of iOS Products

For most people which are not well familiar with software testing, EarlGrey name speaks only about tasty and aromatic tea. But for a tester, this is a new open source tool for different iOS products.

Nowadays iOS platform is very popular, and the developers create various products for it:  web applications, games, programs, and etc. And each such product should be accurately checked. The specialists, executing iOS application testing, may use different checking tools.

EarlGrey is one of such tools. This is a tool for automated UI testing. It was created by Google Inc. Conducting mobile testing via EarlGrey, the specialists can create simple, user-friendly and compact autotests.

This tool is used for checking native iOS applications, including Google Calendar, YouTube, and etc. Also, EarlGrey can be integrated with a test navigator Xcode. Thus, one may launch UI tests directly from Xcode or in a command line.

What are EarlGrey main features?

  • Automatic synchronization with the user interface and network requests. Perhaps, this is one of the main advantages of this tool.
  • With the use of special screenshot comparison utility, EarlGrey defines a visibility of the product interface elements before the interaction with them. Therefore, it is easy to verify that a user will be able to see and interact with the product interface.
  • With the use of EarlGrey, one may check the peculiarities of the user interaction with the application through the user actions simulation.

The EarlGrey tool has much in common with Espresso, that is why it is often called Espresso for iOS.