3 Duties of a Capable Team Lead in Software Testing

Desktop testing, mobile application testing, web site testing depend on efficiency and diligence of all the quality assurance team members.

A team lead is responsible for organization and coordination of the teamwork. Position of a team lead assumes responsibility for collective and individual work of the project members. 

An Efficient Leader Should:

  1. Motivate. In software testing motivation means not only nicely prepared long speeches in front of all the project members. The leader should understand and share feelings, problems of every tester, support and find the proper words for every person in the team.
  2. Demonstrate a positive attitude. Often work load is heavy during e-commerce testing, redactor and instrument testing, game testing, etc. If a team lead begins to complain, doesn’t believe in successful completion of the tasks, looks discouraged, the team will feel and behave the same soon. A team lead must solve difficult situations, negotiate about unrealistic time constraints, demonstrate positive attitude.
  3. Encourage. Everybody, who works hard, appreciates when his or her contribution to the collective work is recognized and highly rated. A team lead should determine impartially the worthy people, praise and reward them in form of the other team members. Such approach encourages the rest of the team to be diligent too.