What Is Domain Testing?

The system functionality checking with the multi-valued input data parameters may cause many difficulties. In this case, functional testing may take much time and require many facilities.

Fortunately, software testing company has a range of special methodologies and techniques which help to cope with the complex tasks. Previously, it was already mentioned about equivalence class testing and boundary value testing,

Based on the above-mentioned checking methods, the specialists also execute domain testing. Boundary value and equivalence class checking are conducted when the system parameters should be tested separately from each other. But sometimes there is a necessity of all system parameters testing simultaneously.

What Are the Reasons of Simultaneous Checking of the Different Input Parameters?

  • Time. Everything is very simple. Each input value parameter checking requires a lot of time which is always not enough for the testers.
  • Correlation. Frequently, some system parameters values are interlinked and testing of their correct functioning should be simultaneously fulfilled.


Performing mobile testing or website testing, the specialists with the help of domain testing principle may determine the most effective test cases for synchronous checking. Such approach prevents the probability of the incorrect specification of the boundary values.

What Are the Possible Defects on the Edge of Two Value Parameters?  

  • Shift (vertical or horizontal)
  • Slope (the incorrect corner selection)
  • Value skipping
  • Excess value

Software testing is rather complex sphere which requires a well theoretical background and the continuous practical skills improvement. A lot of facts and aspects should be considered during the fulfillment of functional or any other testing type.