Localization Testing Difficulties

Each process and term of the IT sphere – the complex mechanism with its own peculiarities and characteristics, and software testing is not an exception.

Nowadays much various information about the peculiarities of one or another type of software testing is available.

Localization testing requires a special attention. Telling the truth, not every tester is able to qualitatively and effectively execute this type of checking.

The product localization requires the specialists to have not only the high-class knowledge of the peculiarities of the test process itself but also the good linguistic skills.

Software testing company often faces the problem of hiring the specialists for the localization testing performance. Many nuances should be considered and foreseen if possible. 

What Are the Difficulties of the Software Products Localization?

  • The low level or the lack of language knowledge of the localization area. It is impossible to know the many languages and absolutely all peculiarities of the various cultures if you are a software tester.
  • The limited understanding of the product functioning logic. It is important to fully realize the details of the system activity for the qualitative application or product testing execution, whether it is performance testing or usability testing.
  • The limited picture of the product localization methods. The theoretical base is an obligatory part effective fulfillment of the each process. This is not only about the IT sphere.
  • A large number of test cases. The product localization process involves the various test cases conduction.  This is a rather time-consuming and complex process. Frequently, the whole test team works on the product localization.

For the effective performance of the product localization, the specialists need to possess enough quantity of practical skills and deep theoretical knowledge. It is important for a tester to continuously work on his professional level improvement.