Why does Popularity of Automated Testing Increase?

In spite of rapid evolution of information technology and considerable achievements in this sphere for the last few decades, nowadays it is still impossible to write error free code. Functional testing, usability testing, performance testing and other testing activities always prove this fact.

Manual testing has been the main way of verifying applications for a long time. Manual work of test engineers cannot be replaced, but checking numerous similar issues takes plenty of time and efforts. Besides, people make mistakes, can overlook or miss something. 

That is why automated testing has gained wide popularity. More and more processes can be automated today. Programmers appreciate automation of unit testing most of all. A lot of methods and techniques of software development pay much attention to testing, test driven development, for example.

Automated Testing Benefits Are:

  • great saving of time needed on software testing;
  • increasing quality of the testing efforts;
  • improving quality of the system, considerable diminishing the number of errors in it.

Today many different free and commercial tools for automated testing have appeared. Skilled test engineers and programmers enjoy their advantages and create wonderful applications for a short time. But even the best frameworks and tools cannot help those, who are not smart and skilled enough.