Developers and Testers: Work Differences

The key to a successful project – is a collaboration between a developer and a tester. As well as it is important for the Earth to interact with the Moon, the same way a tester and a developer should make a consolidated effort to achieve the desired result.

In some cases, for the developers and the testers, it is hard to understand the peculiarities of each other’s work. Obviously, a software testing company hires employees with excellent knowledge of their professional responsibilities and tasks. Thus, the testers should be the experts in their field, and the developers, consequently, – in their sphere. 

What Are the Differences in the Tester’s and Developer’s Work?

  • The high level of technical knowledge – an obligatory requirement for the developers. For the testers, it is not necessary to know all the technical peculiarities. Thus, black box testing does not provide for special knowledge in the software engineering sphere.
  • The developers write the code according to the client’s requirements. The testers check this code applying automated testing, regression testing, functional testing, and other checking types.
  • The development – the unique process, and independent validation and verification – the part of testing.
  • The software's working correctness has developers’ full attention. The testers look for the reasons for the errors.
  • The developer’s task – to realize the problem in the shortest term, the tester’s task is to inform about it.
  • The developers are greatly acquainted with the internal components of the product. The testers know their subject area and only some facts about the product itself.
  • The development is based on the client’s requirements but testing – on the modeled user behavior.
  • The developers write the code and try to improve the software work. Software testing discovers the bugs and the reasons for their appearance. The developer’s task – to create the software without defects and any problems. The testers try to detect all the possible bugs.