Do Developers Perform Software Testing?

It is common knowledge that software testing is carried out by test engineers. These people are familiar with methods and techniques of fast and fruitful web site testing, desktop testing, mobile application testing.

Some quality assurance activities require deep specialization, peculiar knowledge and skills. To perform automated testing, for example, one must be familiar with some programing languages and be good in writing code.

Programmers do much testing as well. As a matter of fact, a code rarely works from the first time. So, developers have to check and improve their code all the time.

Programmers Usually Perform:

  • unit testing; a unit may be a large or small part of an application;
  • system testing; sometimes developers act as testers and verify the product as a whole, but before they usually test every module separately.

Testers’ aim is to check whether the software corresponds with the requirements and satisfies the customers’ expectations. They believe that there are errors in the application and are happy when find them.

Developers perform tests in order to make sure that they did everything correct and are happy when the code works, such verifications are a part of programming. Developers do not rely on the specification and do not worry about the customers as much as testers do.