Peculiarities of the Database Designing

As an area of IT sphere, software testing (desktop application checking, mobile testing, game checking, website testing) presupposes that a specialist possesses not only testing skills but also deeper knowledge about the programming specifics and lifecycle of the products.

Nowadays databases are in widespread use, and software testing company, realizing that, familiarize its employees with the peculiarities of work and creation of different database types.

The database designing includes a range of processes which simplify the procedure of development, implementation, and maintenance of data management system.  The main goal of base designing is the creation of logical and physical models of the required database system.


Logical Model Is Oriented to data requirements and data which will be stored regardless the physical factors.

The logical model does not describe the way data will be stored by and in what physical place. In its turn, the physical model involves the implementation of base design logic in the physical environment.

The Database Development Cycle Includes:

  • requirements analysis (planning, system specification),
  • database designing (logical and physical models),
  • implementation (conversion and data loading, testing).

Planning includes the designation of the whole database development cycle. At the system description stage, the scope and borders of the prospective database are defined. Testing is oriented to the detection of base errors and mismatches to the requirements specification.

It is not necessary to strictly follow exactly this order of the database stages creation. If it is a small base, the several steps may be absent in its designing cycle.