What Is Cookie Testing?

Cookie is a small piece of information which is stored by a web server on a user hard drive in a form of text document. Cookie mainly contains personalized information which is used by a web browser.

Such small amount of data helps to identify a user and to track his navigation on the Internet. Cookie usage is possible due to HTTP protocols which ensure the process of information file interchange in the network. There are two types of such protocols:

  1. stateless protocols - storing information about the user session is not applicable;
  2. stateful protocols.

Performing web application testing, the specialists pay special attention to checking the cookie operation as its incorrect work may lead to the multitude of problems. Cookie may be utilized in many software products.

Where may cookie be used?

  • Executing online shop testing, the specialists check cookie as well. For instance, a user has added several items to the cart and then closed the browser. Will the products in the cart be saved if the user reopens the browser?
  • Cookie is used for the personalized websites. The users may select what pages to show and what to forbid. This information is stored in cookies.
  • Also, via cookie, one may track the number of unique users in a definite time.
  • Due to cookie, one may define and demonstrate the ads which will be appeared on the pages of different sites.

Conducting functional testing, load checking or performance testing, the specialists check the system operation under different conditions of cookie work. Also, a certain cookie testing is fulfilled as with their help, one may gain personal data if cookie are not secured in a proper way.