Why Is It Important to Execute Usability Testing?

Mobile and web applications users will always prefer the products that are effective and easy to use. Tangled and annoying systems and applications are necessary for no one.

Thus, in its activity software testing company is oriented on the user and his preferences. Primarily, the product should be in demand, necessary, and useful.


What Are the Principles of the Product Usability Improvement?

  • The testers and layout designer would be none the worse for at least sometimes (better always) to put themselves in the user’s shoes. But frequently, the specialists give in to the temptation of the gorgeous front-end creation but, at the same time, the product interface suffers. And the interface is exactly what is important for a user himself.
  • It needs that for the mobile and web users the product using was intuitive (without a necessity of familiarization with a plenty of documentation).
  • Navigation, especially of the mobile applications, should be simple and one-level.
  • The long menu items on the small screens of some mobile devices will not be fully displayed – they will be cut. Therefore, all names should be short and understandable for the user.
  • Each menu item should be allocated below the according category in order the user may easily find a required item.
  • The function which is searched by the user should output the appropriate results, not the random pattern.

It is quite possible that usability is not so important and necessary product aspect as its security. But the user may even do not pay attention to the security level of the used by product data if it is simply inconvenient for him to use this product.

Certainly, security testing or load testing should not be underestimated but usability testing is also an inherent factor of the product popularity among the users.

In other words, mobile testing and web application testing cannot be executed without the full usability checking.