The Time Proved Testing Methodologies

Software testing – the dynamic process and is constantly modified in accordance to the peculiarities of the product and the team which develops it. But anyway, there are several items, contained the core of testing which can be only slightly modified.

In times, some practices were successful and some failed and crashed. One should remember the team organization peculiarities and its work under the specified project in the case of choosing one or another quality control methodology, for example, selecting compatibility testing

What Is the Essence of the Successful Testing Principles?

  • Well thought-out testing strategy.
  • Monitoring of the work products.
  • Orientation towards the result.
  • Engagement of users in the testing process.
  • Analysis and consideration of testing.
  • Freely interaction.
  • Promotion of the tester’s development.

Many discussions raise the question of the necessity to document the quality assurance test/quality checking. The software testing company follows the principle of the team work coordination with the help of guiding items which are contained in the special documentation. It is important for a tester, not belonged to the team, to understand all the specifics of set tasks under the chosen type of checking, for example, performing usability testing.

What Tools Are Required for Testing?

  • Quality checking strategy.
  • Risks model.
  • Main test scenario.
  • Quality report.

The systematic monitoring of these items is as important as the process of code writing itself. It will be better if the whole team working on the project will control these data, not only the testers. More often, the special attention is paid to the code but the test results are also of great importance. Mobile application testing can achieve an effective product of the high quality.