Characteristics of Beta Tester Profession

Software industry is constantly in progress. Today almost everyone can try himself as a tester without special education or being a member of software testing company.

Beta testing is usually performed before releasing a feature complete version of programs, games and mobile applications.

Before the release of programs, games, and mobile applications on the market, QA specialists perform testing of pre-released version of the product (beta testing). Companies usually involve volunteers to perform this type of testing. People wishing to join the team of beta testers monitor specific web sites and visit exhibitions where they can apply to participate in the project or submit resume.

Requirements for Beta Testers

  1. Be over 18 years old. Most often customers follow this rule, but sometimes there can be exceptions. If the software tester is a student, he can be hired as a part-time worker.
  2. He/she should have a modern computer and constant Internet access. If the tester provides  game testing, it is necessary for him/her to have a game console PS3 or XBOX 360.
  3. Install tested software. Ensure that it is compatible with tester’s computer/mobile device/console.
  4. Install the bug tracking system and send reports to the customer. Beta tester doesn’t use software or play computer games for fun. He should evaluate the tested products, comment testing process and send reports to customer.
  5. Execute test task.
  6. Software tester should be advanced PC user and have necessary experience and skills to perform testing.
  7. Privacy Policy. If the tester is working with a product that has not yet been officially released, he/she should sign a confidentiality agreement. More often, however, it is not required.
  8. Be able to notice details, be plodding and patient.

It should be mentioned that beta testing is a job, not fun. If a person does not meet the requirements he/she can be fired. In addition, the customer can give a negative reference, so that it will be quite difficult for tester to re-find a similar job.

Benefits of Being Beta Tester

  1. Tester receives a copy of version of the tested product and information about its changes before it gets to market.
  2. He/she can propose some modifications of the tested product and have an influence on the process of its development.
  3. It is possible to find a well-paid job with flexible schedule. Most often beta testing can be performed without leaving a house.
  4. Tester can gain experience in the field of software testing without special education.