Test and Sportsmen Team: What Is Common?

Various sports and software product testing or mobile testing have much in common. Seemingly, these are absolutely different and unlike types of activity which presuppose the presence of certain skills and abilities.

But as the players team during an important sports competition, the same way a test team, performing load testing or functional testing, should pursue the common goal.  All efforts and pains are concentrated on the one task execution. A team acts as an entire unit.

The individual skills of each team member definitely have their special meaning, but the team spirit and unity – key factors of success.

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How to Promote Success of both Test and Sportsmen Teams?

  • The mutual goal is the main secret of the successful team forming. Software testing company works hard in order the specialists feel as a real team and work for the common purpose achievement.
  • The teammates, which follow their roles and fully realize what they are supposed to do, are also a key to the whole team success. Although some teams somehow manage to win, despite the diffuse roles distribution. But this happens very rarely.
  • All team members should follow the internal and corporate rules. Everyone is equal before the code.
  • One should not also forget that all team members are interlinked and depend on each other. For example, in soccer, if the defenders passed the attacking players through their gates, the goalkeeper should always be ready to strike out the ball as far as possible. Therefore, the goalkeeper helps the team to win.

A good test team lead should not be doubtful about the different analogies using (this does not relate only to sport) for his team rallying and unifying.