The Range of Fundamental Test Data

It always happens that the software testing company receives from the developers the project which has no test data. Thus, each tester should be able to create such data independently.

Test data is of great importance for those ranges of testing services as mobile testing, websites testing, and desktop testing. Even if the original project package has already contained some test data, for example, test cases – it does not mean that one can relax – some clients encourage the initiative testers which create additional test data, as it can help to test the system at the more detailed level. 

The main goal of the test data is to develop the fullest scenarios for the system checking and the reduction of the different expenditures.

The Most Widespread Data for Software Testing:

  • The full absence of data – a tester should not input any data in order to check how the system responses, whether the appropriate error messages or the input data requests in the certain fields are displayed.
  • Correct data – the most often the authorization stage in the process of website functional testing – in order to make sure that the end user will have an opportunity to log in seamlessly, a tester should try to input the correct data.
  • Incorrect data – special or inappropriate symbols which under the condition of smooth running of the system should cause the message of incorrect data.
  • Invalid data – for example, invalid domain name input or an effort of usage the third-party data (security testing also covers the last case checking).
  • Performance testing, load testing, and stress testing require special, rather volume data set.

Data which is in the limited range also should be tested (one should check the upper and lower value range).