What Is Comparison Testing?

Performing software testing of one or another type, the specialists consider the aim of the checking, the peculiarities of the tested components of the system, available time, and so on.

For the high effectiveness of the checking, it is necessary to be well familiar with the different types of testing. It is of great importance to execute exactly that type of testing which is more suitable for a situation like this and which will ensure the best results.

Software testing company often practices the comparison testing fulfillment. This type of checking should be executed with the presence of two and more variations of the components with the similar input parameters. Besides this, the direct results are also compared for the detection of some defects or failures in the further work of the components under test. 

An Algorithm of Comparison Testing Performance:

  1. The purpose of testing is defined. The test cases are developed.
  2. Testing is executed with the accordance to the available test cases. The specialists launch an application or a system recording the results of their work.
  3. The obtained results are compared automatically.
  4. The testers provide the results of the comparison in the form of the differences report.

What is this type of report? Everything is rather simple. In the differences report, there is the information about the problems that may arise during the work of the different variations of the system.

In other words, if there are two same adopters, then comparison testing is to be executed.   While the one adopter is under the load, another one is not affected.  

With regard to financial side, it is more beneficial to execute comparison testing when some system or application modifications were developed. There is no need to fulfil usability testing or performance testing once more again. A tester can simply compare the results of the different software versions work.

Also, comparison testing is more effective under such type of testing as mobile application testing and website testing.