Automated Unit Testing on the Agile Projects

The high cost of the removing bug procedure at the last stages of the software product development was already mentioned many times.

Software testing company tries to avoid such situation during mobile application and website checking in any possible way. But this is very difficult, especially if agile development methodology is applied. In this case, module testing (unit testing) promotes a big number of severe failures and errors detection at the very beginning of the quality checking procedure.

And if automation principle is applied for unit testing, then the checking process will become quicker, more qualitative and effective. Automated testing will decrease the number of the repeated paths which should be performed manually.


Why Is Unit Testing so Important for Agile Projects?

  • If the code errors are discovered at the beginning stage of its development, then it will be rather easy to cooperate with the developers and chances for the fast and smooth bug detection will be very high.
  • With the help of automation test scripts, it is much easier to add new functional without much harm for the system stability.
  • Module testing simplifies and accelerates the bug detection process, even when the product has already delivered to the end users after acceptance testing was executed.
  • If a developer needs to check and correct someone’s code, the well-written unit tests will help him to easy puzzle out the code and fix the bug.
  • Automated unit tests relieve a tester from the routine many-times checking and give an opportunity to focus on other tasks.

Well-written unit tests do not deprive a specialist of the opportunity to apply creativity thinking. Vice versa, they remove the necessity of the tester to focus on not so important processes. And anyway, software testing will be more effective under the nonstandard approaches usage.