Automated Testing Minuses

Software testing company provides a set of different types of product testing services, for example, system testing, unit testing, usability testing, desktop testing, and so on.

Nowadays automated testing is rather widespread. With regard to the effectiveness and the speed of execution, this checking type is considered to be one of the most acceptable.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and automated testing – sometimes not a so good way to test the software. There are several pitfalls here. One should remember them and avoid if possible.

What Are Automated Testing Disadvantages?

  • Automated testing – not a replacement of the manual type of checking. In some cases, manual testing will be more productive and effective than automated one. Everything depends on the purpose and the product under test.
  • The majority of the commercial tools for automated testing are widely available today. However, not all of them are distinguished by the high quality.
  • User interface testing also may be automated. But in this case, the autotests development will cost the company a noticeable sum of money. Besides, this testing fulfillment takes a lot of time.
  • All advantages of automated testing will be negated if it is not regularly tested.
  • It is not uncommon that autotests may contain the errors or some defects. Such problem moments fixing may lead to the product release delay.
  • Software testing process is impossible to be completely automated. Besides this, there is no a great necessity of it. It often happens that the automation principle appliance leads to the undesirable or negative results.

Before making some decision relatively automation, a specialist should weight all advantages and disadvantages. Automation should always be rational.