Automated Testing in DevOps

DevOps is a specific software product development methodology which promotes the close cooperation and integration between developers and other IT specialists.

This tendency is relatively new but becomes more and more popular among IT sphere experts, due to the high level of its rationality and validity.

But what really matters is that if software testing company prefers only manual testing using in DevOps methodology, this could lead to the significant development process delay. Manual testing will only do harm in this situation. But there is the way out, and this is automated testing.


Why Should One Use Automation in DevOps?

  • The quality improvement
  • Time saving
  • Cost reducing

Software testing, namely manual testing, is defined by the human factor. If a specialist was permanently disrupted from the working process or he had a bad day, then he might miss a lot of bugs because of inattentiveness and disorganization.

And automation tests are never tired, and their work is difficult to be interrupted. But at the same time, auto tests are free of creativity and creating element. A DevOps team may stick in the manual test cycle for a couple of weeks. And automation will help to save a precious time.

Automated testing allows checking software product for severe and critical operating bugs immediately and quickly.  As soon as the developers have finished their work, one may proceed to the auto test running at once. This significantly saves time and money. Besides, with the help of automation, one may reduce the timeframe, assigned for the product development and testing.

Whether it is mobile testing, website or desktop application checking, one should always apply the appropriate development and testing methodologies and techniques.