AngularJS Peculiarities

AngularJS is one of the most popular for today web frameworks. It is mainly used for creating the single-page applications. The AngularJS framework was developed by the developers’ group from Google.

This framework is always updated and improved as it is supported by the famous Google Company and due to diverse relevant ideas from the forums. Also, it includes the latest development trends on the IT market.

For the first sight, AngularJS reminds the JavaScript framework but it is not quite so. Its core is rather “model-view-controller” framework and it follows a certain purpose.


What are the main AngularJS features?

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller). This is a project model which is used in all modern web applications. The distribution of the business logic levels, data, and representation in certain sections are the basis of this pattern. Therefore, it becomes easier to manage each section.
  • Data model binding. There is no need for creating the specified code in order to bind data to the HTML control. This may be executed with the help of Angular by adding several fragments to the code.
  • One may write less code scope. Manipulating with Discrete Output Module (DOM), it was necessary to create a rather large JavaScript scope for creating some application. But for Angular, it is required much less code.
  • Unit testing is ready. The designers from Google have also created the framework for testing. It is called “Karma”. It helps to create unit tests for the AngularJS applications.

Due to its features, Angular is one of the powerful frameworks on the market. Conducting web application testing on Angular (functional testing, system checking, configuration testing, load control, integration testing), the specialists should consider all peculiarities of working with this framework.