Integration Testing of Android Products

Each software product system consists of certain elements (units or modules) which are specifically interdependent and which together ensure the established work of the whole system.

Having performed unit testing (checking each separate system component), the specialists move on to checking these modules integration. Frequently, integration testing of the Android-based products includes several checking types.

What does integration checking of Android apps include?

  • Activity testing
  • Service testing
  • Provider content checking

 Performing activity testing, the specialists focus on the interaction between the user and product interface. Indeed, the actions/operations have a rather complex life cycle that needs to be tracked and checked.

Service testing is concentrated on checking the correct operation of all services provided by the application. The specialists test the interaction between application and service via the test scenarios of user services.

It is of great importance for data to be available, saved, and restored for the correct application usage. Frequently, Android testing presupposes the checking of a great number of diverse aspects as of the product, as the peculiarities of its usage.

Executing mobile application testing, the specialists use certain tools which help to accelerate testing process and accomplish it more efficient in order to perform qualitative checking.

What are Android apps integration checking tools?

  • Robolectric
  • Robotium
  • Troyd