Agile Approach: What Is It?

Software testing company tries to maximally focus its activity on the agile approach. And all IT sphere concentrates on the flexibility in development and testing.

An agile methodology is an antipode of waterfall development model (waterfall type). But this does not mean that each software product testing or mobile testing, executed not on waterfall model, will be automatically agile. In reality, in order to become a really agile, a specialist team should go to a lot of trouble to do.

An agile team orients its work on the client’s satisfaction, a tight cooperation, and the permanent delivery of the commercial-of-the-shelf software. With this regard, one should consider a lot of additional factors and details. 

What Are Agile Team Characteristics?

  • The specialists always strictly follow the requirements of the main project members.
  • Usability testing never remains aside. This type of checking is an inherent part of the development process.
  • The agile team works applying the test-driven development approach. Regression testing is ongoing and performed at the initiative of the team itself.
  • A high level of self-organization is typical for all members of agile team. Only this way a team will be able to effectively organize and objectively estimate its forces.
  • The agile team continuously monitors and measures its productivity. Due to this, test estimation is more accurate.
  • The continuous process improvement is not an empty phrase for the agile team. This is a principle which is always strictly followed by the specialists.   

Another one important characteristic of the agile team is the results orientation, not the process itself. If a team possesses this specific, then the choice and implementation of the corresponding practices of the agile methodology will not be a problem.

But taken all in all, a well-known Agile Methodology Manifesto may be interpreted and implemented in a variety of ways.