What Are the Prerequisites of Agile Principles Applying?

Before applying the agile principles, software testing company should refuse from some techniques and approaches which are typical for a traditional software development cycle.

For the qualitative and effective work, it is necessary to change the type of thinking of the whole development and test team and, also, each its member separately.


What Traditional Principles Should Be Forgotten?

  • Before performing testing, it needs to thoroughly overthink and plan the whole process. One should refuse from this principle because in agile methodology the checking is not divided into phases, the whole process is continuous. Thus, frequently, the testing types intersect and match.
  • Software testing may be executed only in accordance with the written test plan and selected strategy. A well thought-out release plan usually includes all necessary actions. Also, a full test strategy is a not a bad idea for the agile principle too.
  • A test team should work separately from the development one. Such approach definitely does not fit the agile methodology implementation. Agile team involves both testers and developers. Each team member works for one common goal achievement – to create a product of a really high quality.
  • The plenty of the detected system errors points to the high efficiency of checking team. In the agile methodology, quantity will be never higher than quality. Test team should not simply inform about the dozens of trivial bugs but test the main product functional and the coordination of all systems work.
  • Automated testing should be conducted only after regression checking. This approach is unsuitable for the agile methodology. The auto tests help to save much precious time, required for the full product checking. Regression testing is not the only stage to which automation principle may be applied to.

Mobile testing, software product testing, and web application testing will be more qualitative and effective with applying the agile principle. A number of software testing and development companies has already assured of it.