7 Networking Difficulties of a Mobile Application

Nowadays many mobile software products often crash, malfunction or go into error mode. A software testing company informs that among prevailing causes of it is not properly thought through managing of unreliable and weak networking connection.

Software producers sometimes forget that mobile programs will have to function under various connectivity constrains. That is why it is wise to observe how the tested program behaves under different networking conditions, performing mobile testing.


A Mobile Program Should be Able to Function:

  1. When various types of networking connection are utilized.
  2. On mobile devices with different characteristics.
  3. When signals from other devices interfere with the networking signals.
  4. When the mobile device is near buildings containing steel.
  5. During transition from one networking provider to another.
  6. During transition from one technology to another.
  7. When the tablet or the smartphone moves in and moves out of a dead spot.

One should consider the mentioned situations executing and planning web site testing on a mobile device or mobile application testing. Otherwise mobile software products may be unsuitable for usage in real life.

Software developers and testers must keep in mind that their products will not be used under ideal conditions. So, taking into account various possible complications is useful during software development and, in particular, during mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.