5 Things That a Software Testing Company Should Do to Keep Regression Tests Up-To-The-Minute

Regression testing is an inherent part of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. It is performed each time when new features are added to the application or previously discovered defects are corrected.

As any other testing activities regression testing is based on the software requirements. When the requirements are altered the relevant tests must be adjusted to them. So, regression tests are optimized and amended many times during software development and testing.

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To Keep Regression Tests Relevant It Is Needed:

  1. To execute regression tests.
  2. If the tests pass but defects appear later, it is necessary to add the tests that discovered the defects.
  3. To exclude tests that check functions or features that are removed from the application.
  4. Constantly optimize and modify regression tests basing on changes of the application and its requirements.
  5. To take information from the developers what parts of the system are influenced by the defect corrections and other changes.

The information about areas that are influenced by changes in the system must be recorded in a regression impacts matrix. Such matrixes help a  software testing company to estimate if the test coverage of the influenced parts is enough.

Good regression testing procedure covers not only software parts that are changed but also those that interact with them.

Performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing one should keep in mind that errors may surface anywhere during any phase of software development and testing.