5-Step Metrics Program While Performing Software Testing

Why is metrics program an essential part of software testing? Software testing company always collect all measurements obtained during process oftesting.

The usage of metrics program is an important element in managing quality and performance in every kind of testing, especially in load testing and automated testing.

There are different metrics programs but let’s describe the one that has the widest usage.

5-Step Metrics Program:

Establishing business goals

Business goals should always meet business needs. Only in this way it is possible to achieve high  software testing results and improve software quality. It usually looks like strategy of increasing customer satisfaction or reducing cost of quality.

Operationally defining the metrics

Measurements should always answer goals and have information content that will add real value. This step also covers identifying the audience and creating the guidelines on how to use metrics and report them to stakeholders.

Identifying associated metrics

While presenting information to stakeholders, it is necessary to create a theme to the presented material. Goals should be always measured by metrics.

Collecting, analyzing and reporting the metrics

While performing software testing, the metric’s collection process involves collecting and capturing measurement data, analyzing the quality of measurement, analyzing metrics and reporting the results to the intended audience and use metrics in order to achieve the set goals.

Checking the program and improving it periodically

Quality needs constant improvement. After metrics program matures, it needs change. That’s why software testing company always provides customers with such service.