5 Questions Helping to Clarify Test Objectives

It is important to determine test goals working on test plan. Often they are not indicated by customers. There may be various reasons of that.

Sometimes those who order web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing do not think about aspects on which testing efforts should be focused. Some customers believe that testers should know by themselves what to test, as it’s their job.

A professional software testing company always wants testers to determine test objectives properly. Because the entire testing process may be useless if the goals are set incorrectly.


In order to clarify test objective one may ask the customer some questions about the project and the software under test.

It is Wise to Ask Whether:

  1. It is necessary to find serious errors quickly due to severe time constrains.
  2. The customer wants to make sure that common user scenarios work properly.
  3. It is needed to check if the software product operates fine on various devices.
  4. Localization testing is needed, as the program may be meant for users from different countries.
  5. It is needed to check how the application functions under different conditions of connection; this aspect is often focused in course of mobile testing.

After such questioning it may appear that there are many test objectives and some of them are contradictory. Testers must figure out the most important aspects and concentrate testing works on one or several objects.