5 Frequent Problems Caused by Advertisements in Software

Advertisements and sales by means of software are relatively new. They appeared in course of rapid evolving of information technology.

At present advertisements and purchases with the help of them became popular among users and software products owners. They facilitate and make more convenient purchasing and spreading information about products or services among potential customers.


A software testing company reminds that, unfortunately, there are some inconveniences in such way of buying and selling.

Frequent Problems Related To Advertisements In Software Products And Purchasing With The Help Of Them:

  1. The application architecture and redirecting may be too sophisticated and complex for users.
  2. Advertisements may be irritating and difficult to remove. They can prevent a user from utilizing the program. That is why usability testing of such programs should be executed carefully.
  3. Advertisements may be situated too close to program objects and people often call them instead of calling a program function. This is a pressing challenge for mobile devices as they are equipped with touch screens of small sizes.
  4. A device and applications may load and operate slowly because of advertisements. It is often the problem during work on a mobile device. They have less performance capacity than personal computers and some advertisements are resource consuming due to animation and graphics. So, load testing and performance testing are essential for such applications.
  5. If integrations and redirections are performed poorly in a software product, the transactions of purchasing may be impossible to accomplish or there may be other problems having bad impact on the business.

Advertisements are in most free and low-price software products. They should be considered during web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.