5 Disadvantages of Entrusting Software to the Cloud

Cloud service gains more and more popularity at present. There are no doubts that it is a good solution for many software products.

But mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing show that regardless of numerous advantages of cloud computing, it isn’t a universal method of maintaining a software product. It has some weaknesses and is not recommended for certain projects by a professional software testing company.


The Problems of Using the Cloud Are:

  1. Load testing often proves that if the cloud hardware is located far from the program users, it has a negative impact on the program performance.
  2. The software owners cannot fully control and adjust some aspects of their product when it is installed on the cloud; among the most significant aspects are performance and security. That is why experts in performance and security testing sometimes are critical about cloud service.
  3. When something is wrong with the cloud, all applications installed on it suffer.
  4. If many software products requiring much resource for work are installed on the cloud, the hardware may be overloaded, and there may be not enough resources for your program.
  5. If a software product uses cloud, it is hard to check it thoroughly and determine causes of unreproducible defects as there is no access to the hardware and environment.