5 Criteria of Feature Prioritization in Software Development Process

When developing software testing strategy it is important to take into account many aspects. One of them is software feature implementation order.

Feature implementation timetable should be elaborated at the outset of the project. It will enable software testing company to adjust testing strategy and make necessary preparations for mobile testing, desktop testing, web site testing, automated testing, load testing, security testing or other kind of testing.

It is recommended not to alter feature timetable as it will be necessary to alter the development process, testing plan and timetable as well.

It is Possible to Prioritize Software Features According to 5 Main Criteria:

1. Client Requirements

Often features are prioritized according to client requirements. Client requirements are very important and connected with promotion of the product and client’s trading activity.

2. Degree of Risk

When elaborating project timetable it is important to take into account degree of risk. Features with high risks gain usually first priority.

3. System Complexity

Developing and testing most sophisticated features in the first place will save time and help to avoid budget overruns.

4. Time Restrictions

It is essential to develop and test all the necessary features before release. It is ok to postpone those features that are planned for the next stage of release.

5. Budget and Staff

Budget overruns often happen when developing complicated software. It is essential to provide sufficient financing and specialists with necessary qualification for the most important features of the nearest release.

Usually a software testing company base testing timetable on some of these criteria. It makes mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing more efficient.