5 Causes of Usability Defects in Mobile Software

We got accustomed to be able to utilize mobile software products anywhere and anytime. It is very convenient and this way we can stay tuned and work with mobile applications while going somewhere or doing something else.

But mobile software products as well as web and desktop applications have certain disadvantages and problems. One must not forget to focus attention on such issues executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

It is known that usability issues are vital for a mobile software product. There are many usability defects that can cause the users to feel uncomfortable. Such software bugs should be found in course of usability testing of the application.


A software testing company advises its testers to interact with the tested program like the majority of users would do it and mind their feeling. In course of such usability testing one may feel pain and strain in the eyes, fingers, forearms or back. People may feel tired, sick, irritated or angry after interacting with a mobile software product.

When such defects are discovered it is important to determine their causes.

Frequent Causes of Usability Defects Are:

  • the mobile software requires a lot of typing or gesturing;
  • it is hard to see what is on the screen under certain lighting;
  • items on the screen are too little and numerous;
  • there are flickering objects on the screen;
  • the software design is irritating and too sophisticated.