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5 Aspects of Software Testing

Software testing becomes more and more popular with every day. What can be the reason of it? More and more people in software business agree that testing is important, but in fact a lot of them don’t understand properly what testing is like and what nature it has.

To make everything clear, let’s try to describe the process of software testing in 5 aspects. It will also give you an idea what kind of work software testing company is performing.

Value of testing in 5 aspects:

Check and verify

First of all testing is about demonstrating in a constructive way that something works, if not fully, but at least to some extent. Then every element should be checked and every bug should be verified in order to assure high-quality testing.

Detect and search

In testing it is necessary to detect bugs as soon as possible and then continue the search of the rest of them in order to avoid the unforeseen behavior of the system.

Reduce risks and explore

Of course any testing is based on risks in system under test. Also test engineers investigate and explore for the purpose to look deep inside the system while conducting software testing.

Measure and predict

While performing testing, it is necessary always to measure all quality attributes like availability, reliability, performance, etc. Relying on the obtained results, it is possible to predict the further running of testing.

Prevent and develop

Prevention of bugs is one of the most important tasks for test engineers. But it is not worth to forget about further development as without it your software will not start to work correctly.