5 Advices That a Tester Should Follow Reporting a Software Bug

Any process of creation software includes mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

It is known that the proof and the result of any software testing are bug reports. Testers should be able to write informative and understandable bug reports, providing maximum information about the issues.

Too sophisticated, incomprehensible and diffusive descriptions and steps to reproduce complicate or make it impossible to fix the reported errors.


So, a software testing company usually wants its novice testers to learn how to write good bug reports from the very beginning and to think over carefully the descriptions, and the steps to reproduce before logging in a defect.

Creating a Bug Report a Tester Should:

  1. Make sure that the defect is reproducible or determine that it reproduces intermittently.
  2. Write clear, laconic title.
  3. Write informative, understandable description.
  4. Add screenshots or short videos of the defect to the descriptions; such attachments are more informative than just textual description and are very useful for programmers.
  5. Write distinct, well thought out steps to reproduce.

It may seem that following these instructions will make executing of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing unduly time consuming. At first it may be so, but with practice testers will follow the advices automatically and perform all the works in time.