4 Common Situations of Interacting With an Application by Means of 2 Devices

Today we cannot imagine our life without diverse devices. Utilizing different technologies became integral part of work and leisure time activities for majority of people.

People use personal computers, tablets and smartphones, and software products for them the way that they find convenient. As a result users may interact with applications in a different manner than the producers assumed.

A software testing company advises to consider this fact executing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.


As many people have several devices, for instance, a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet, they sometimes interact with several of them working with one software product. In most cases two devices are used for such purposes: a personal computer and a mobile device.

Examples of Usage of Two Devices for Working with One Software Product:

  1. A user may watch video on a computer and read its description on a mobile device.
  2. One can choose items of goods or services on a mobile device and fill in the order and make purchase on a computer.
  3. People may buy tickets on a flight or a train on a computer and then use them with the help of a tablet or a smartphone.
  4. It is possible to post some video or text information on a social network by means of a mobile device and edit it using a computer.

Such situations should be taken into account when usability testing of an application is performed. It is known that one should give due consideration to usability aspects in course of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.