4 Common Data Related Defects of Software

Storing and proper processing of data belong to the most essential functions of any application. Without proper operation of these functions it is impossible to work with a software product.

So, testers should pay close attention to the data related issues executing mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Each project is unique and requires customized approach to testing activities, but a software testing company differentiates 4 common types of problems with data handling that applications have most often.


Among Commonly Occurring Malfunctions Related to Data Holding and Processing Are:

  • A user opens an application and discovers that his personal settings or changes to the data that he had made during previous work with the application disappeared.
  • The data that were saved some time ago appear to be deleted, distorted or incorrect.
  • Content of a software product is displayed fractionally or a screen does not load completely.
  • The information was lost or corrupted because of crash of the system.

Loss or damaging of users’ information always results in discrediting of the software product and taints image of the software product owner. That is why data related issues must of high priority during any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.