3 Ways to Automate Comparison of Software Versions

A demand may arise to compare the latest and previous versions of an application when performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

Often the versions differ by user interface and format of keeping information. It is not an easy task to automate such process. A software testing company suggests several ways how to do it.

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3 Ways of Automation of Comparison Application Versions:

1. To Buy an Appropriate Off-The-Shelf Instruments

Nowadays vendors offer many different automated testing tools for any mobile application testing desktop testing or web site testing. So, one may choose the suitable ones.

But despite of a wide choice it is often very hard to find the suitable tools that are compatible with the both software versions and their environments and possess needed features.

2. To Develop In-House Custom Instruments for Certain Project

In this case the instruments will perfectly satisfy the project needs.

But it often consumes much time and resources to plan and elaborate an automated testing program from the scratch.

3. To Apply a Test-Tool Adapter

A test-tool adapter is a mechanism that adjusts tested software to the instrument. Every software version requires separate adapter and separate invocation. The invocations will save the received outcomes and then the analogy will be drawn between them.