3 Tips to Reduce Mobile Application Testing Efforts

The market of mobile applications is constantly growing and evolving. Manufacturers of mobile applications are constantly introducing new technologies and the potential of mobile applications more become wider for the end user.

In order to meet the expectations of mobile applications user, phone manufacturers, suppliers of services and developers of mobile applications should understand the necessity of testing and quality importance in this IT industry.

Quality standards for mobile applications are just beginning to be established at this time. Applications for mobile devices became popular in a very short period of time and pick up steam every day. According to some forecasts, the number of iPhone users will be 100 million in 2013.

Therefore, mobile application developers are faced with many problems because of the increasing complexity of testing the various handsets, service providers, languages and locations. Mobile applications are becoming more complicated. Every day hundreds of different new mobile applications appear on the market. Expansion the number of mobile applications extends demand for new mobile phones.

Develop test plan, using which can be covered testing on large number of different phones in a short period of time, is a very important part in the mobile applications testing process.

There are several advices to reduce efforts needed to test application on large number of devices.

Investigate Connectedness

Mobile connectedness is very significant and depends on such items.

  • Mobile device configuration.
  • The service provider.
  • Connectedness between carrier’s wireless network and Internet.

Reduce Installation Time

Shorten the required time to set up software, configure the phone and understand the fundamental connectivity.

Explorer Similar Mobile Applications

Make an effort to learn some other applications which are similar to your application. For instance, if you need to test any VOIP application on just look for some other VOIP applications and learn their features.