3 Recommendations How to Make Mobile Application Testing Successful

It is known that at present many companies produce a lot of models of tablets and smartphones. The variety of mobile devices that differ greatly complicates producing of mobile software products and mobile application testing.

That is why planning and executing of mobile testing requires considering many factors, software and hardware combinations. There is a lot of personal computers manufacturers and models of computers as well. This must also be taken into account in course of web site testing or desktop testing.


In Order to Make Mobile Testing Efficient and Fruitful it is Recommended:

  1. Carefully elaborate test plan and test cases. This is very important for any kind of software testing. Well thought out plan increases effectiveness of any activity.
  2. Compose many configurations of devices and software installed on them for compatibility testing. One should be able to figure out quickly what causes errors by simplifying and narrowing down the configurations.
  3. Check how the tested application works with different types of wireless connection, when networking signals are strong and clear and when they are weak. Try to use various carriers.

A professional software testing company knows that these activities are very important for creation high quality mobile application. One should not ignore them or execute hastily and negligently.