3 Models of Users That Should Always Be Considered During Software Testing

A professional software testing company usually wants its testers to consider end-users in course of a mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Among modern widely spread methods of enhancing usability testing are engaging representatives of the users in the application testing and creating of models of user characters.

Different applications may be utilized by different people. But, basing on experience, a software testing company can distinguish several types of users that may have problems with any software product.

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That is why it is wise to observe how such users work with the application under test and to find out what difficulties and problems they have. Adjusting software for such users makes it more useful and convenient.

So, it is Recommended to Create Models of Such Users:

  1. A person who feels uncomfortable and afraid to utilize modern technologies.
  2. A person who likes to explore and tries everything relying on intuition and ignoring instructions.
  3. A person who prefers to do a lot of works at once and interacts with several different applications simultaneously.

One should also take into account culture and language of the end users. For instance, people who read and write from right to left interact with software products and see them otherwise than people who used to read and write from left to right.