3 Methods of Saving Costs on Test Environments

Companies focusing on software development know that testing is an essential part of any development process life cycle. It is infeasible to create software product able to meet competition on modern market without testing.

Proper mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing requires some expenses. One of the significant objects of expenditure during software testing is test environment. It is not recommended to perform testing activities on the application development environment as many operations of development and testing processes must be performed separately.

Often creation of a comprehensive test environment makes the project unprofitable. Many managers find it economically ineffective to acquire all the possible user devices and install on them all the possible user software configurations.

An acceptable trade-off in such situation may be usage of reduced test environment.


Here Are 3 Common Methods of Creating Acceptable Test Environment:

1. Utilization of Removable Hard Disks

It is not compulsory to buy many devises and reinstall each software configuration from the ground up for testing purposes. A company can save much resource using removable hard disks with many partitions. With such disk one device may contain several software configurations.

2. Usage of not so Powerful Devices

One may use not so high performance and expensive computers as are to be used in production for web  site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. Testers may calculate the application performance on more powerful machines if necessary.

But the calculations may be too loose. In case precise results are needed it is better to perform tests on computers which performance capacity is similar to the ones that will be utilized in production.

3. Using the Same Environment for Several Project

Testing of different software products may require similar software and hardware configurations. Each software testing company has a testing laboratory. Such laboratory contains popular devices with wide-spread software configurations and is easily adjustable for any project.