2 Kinds of Testers That a Software Testing Company Must Include

A professional software testing company should include experts in different kinds of testing subjects and methods, and experts in different domains.

Test Team Members Can Be Divided in Two Groups According to Their Skills and Knowledge:

1. Testers With Domain Knowledge

Subject field of an application may be very complicated. It may take years to acquire basic understanding in of it, for instance, medicine, nuclear science, law etc.

The requirements for such a system may not contain all the feasible complexities or even have defects or inaccuracies. Only with the help of testers with domain knowledge appropriate test strategy and test cases for such applications can be elaborated.

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2. Testers with Software Engineering Knowledge

It is very important to possess domain knowledge of the tested application, but without basic knowledge of software engineering it is impossible to perform thorough  mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

The best variant is when knowledge of subject area is combined with at least elementary level of programming knowledge. That’s why it is good for a tester to attend programming courses.

Testers with software engineering knowledge must possess deeper understanding of technical platforms and architectural structure of applications, be able to write automated scripts, tools for automated testing, understand technical aspects of software installation, operation, compatibility.

Cooperation of testers with domain knowledge and testers with engineering knowledge enables to perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing fundamentally.